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Source recommendations

CLAIRE might recommend additional source objects when the Source transformation in a mapping uses an Amazon Redshift, Oracle, or Snowflake connection.
To receive CLAIRE recommendations for additional source objects belonging to a connection, the connection needs to be scanned for metadata and data. For more information about metadata extraction and data profiling using Metadata Command Center, see the Metadata Command Center help
CLAIRE makes recommendations for additional source objects based on primary key and foreign key relationships. The recommendations can be helpful when you want to use multiple source objects and you have many tables on the data source to search through.
For example, you want to find a list of customers together with the type of car each customer has ordered. For the Source transformation in your mapping, you use a connection to an Oracle database that contains hundreds of tables. You select a customer table for the source object. In the CLAIRE Recommendations tab, CLAIRE suggests several tables that can be joined to the customer table. One of the tables contains customer order data. You add the table to the mapping as an additional Source transformation.
When a recommendation is available, Data Integration highlights the Recommendations tab. Select the Recommendations tab to see the recommendations.
In the list of recommendations, click the Show Me icon for the source that you want to investigate. A Source transformation with the recommended source object appears on the mapping canvas. The following image shows the Show Me icon for a recommended source:
The CLAIRE Recommendations tab shows one recommendation. The Show Me icon is selected.
Open the Source transformation and click the Fields tab to review the source fields in the source object.
If you want to use the source, in the Recommendations tab, click the Accept icon. In the mapping canvas, connect the Source transformation to the data flow.
If you don't want to use the recommended source, click Decline. Data Integration removes the recommended Source transformation from the mapping canvas.