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Mapping templates

You can use a mapping template instead of creating a mapping from scratch.
Mapping templates are divided into the categories: Integration, Cleansing, and Warehousing.
When you select a mapping template in the New Asset dialog box, you create a mapping that uses a copy of the mapping template. The created mapping is not an elastic mapping, and you cannot run it on an elastic cluster.
The mapping contains pre-populated transformations. Click on each of the transformations in the mapping to see the purpose of the transformation, how the transformation is configured, and which parameters are used.
The following image shows the Augment data with Lookup template with the Source transformation selected. The Description field shows how the Source transformation is configured:
You can use a mapping template as is or you can reconfigure the mapping. For example, the Augment data with Lookup template uses the p_scr_conn parameter for the source connection. You can use the parameter to specify a different connection each time you run the mapping task that uses this mapping. You might want to use the same source connection every time you run the mapping task. You can replace the parameter p_scr_conn with a specific connection, as shown in the following image:
When you save the mapping, you save a copy of the template. You do not modify the template itself.