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Workday V2 connection properties

When you set up a Workday V2 connection, you must configure the connection properties.
The following table describes the Workday V2 connection properties:
Connection property
Connection to access Workday resources. Select Workday V2.
Runtime Environment
The name of the run-time environment where you want to run the tasks.
Specify a Secure Agent, Hosted Agent, or serverless runtime environment.
Authentication by Workday service for users who want to access Workday modules.
User name for the Workday tenant to log in to the Workday service.
You can enter the user name, or the user name and tenant in the following format: <username>@<tenant name>. For example, jjoe@informatica_pt1.
If you do not provide the tenant name, the Secure Agent internally appends the tenant name value you specify in the connection property to the user name.
Password associated with the user name.
Domain Name
Name of the Workday domain that contains the resources that you want to access.
Tenant Name
The Workday tenant ID that you want to access. For example, informatica_pt1
Module Name
The Workday service that you want to access. For example, Human_Resources, Financial_Management, and Staffing.
For example, to view the available modules for version 26.1 of the web services, see the following link:
The Web Service Description Language (WSDL) version for a service that you want to fetch from Workday. The list of operations supported for a service depends on the WSDL version that you select.
For the supported versions, see the following link:
The Standard or Custom WSDL to fetch Workday object fields.
To fetch Workday custom object fields, select Customized. Default is Standard WSDL.