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Viewing connection dependencies

You can view object dependencies for connections. When you view object dependencies for connections, Administrator lists the runtime environments that the connection uses as well as the assets in each service that use the connection.
To view object dependencies for a connection, on the Connections page, click the Show Dependencies icon.
The Dependencies page opens with showing the Uses tab by default. To see the assets that use the connection, select the Used By tab.
The following image shows the asset dependencies on the Used By tab for a connection:
The image shows eight assets that use the connection. The page shows the Name, Type, Location, Updated By, and Status columns for each asset.
To sort the objects that appear on the page, click the sort icon and select the column name for the property you want to sort by.
To filter the objects that appear on the dependencies page, click the Filter icon. Use filters to find specific objects. To apply a filter, click Add Field, select the property to filter by, and then enter the property value. You can specify multiple filters. For example to find a mapping called "MyMapping," add the Type filter and specify Mapping. Then add the Name filter and enter "MyMapping."