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MongoDB connection properties

When you create a MongoDB connection, you must configure the connection properties.
The following table describes the MongoDB connection properties:
Connection Name
The name of the connection. The name is not case sensitive and must be unique within the domain. You can change this property after you create the connection. The name cannot exceed 128 characters, contain spaces, or contain the following special characters:
~ ` ! $ % ^ & * ( ) - + = { [ } ] | \ : ; " ' < , > . ? /
Optional. The description of the connection. The description cannot exceed 4,000 characters.
The connection type. Select MongoDB.
Runtime Environment
Name of the runtime environment where you want to run the tasks.
Specify a Secure Agent, Hosted Agent, or serverless runtime environment.
Host Name
Host name or IP address of the MongoDB server.
MongoDB server port number. Default is 9042.
User Name
User name to access the MongoDB server.
Password corresponding to the user name to access the MongoDB server.
Database Name
Name of the MongoDB database to connect to.
Additional Connection Properties
Enter one or more JDBC connection parameters in the following format:
You must provide the JDBC parameters as ampersand-separated key-value pairs.
You can configure the following JDBC connection parameters in a MongoDB connection:
  • - AuthSource
  • - BatchSize
  • - connectTimeoutMS
  • - DefaultStringColumnLength
  • - DmlBatchSize
  • - EnableDoubleBuffer
  • - EnableTransaction
  • - LogLevel
  • - LogPath
  • - SamplingLimit
  • - SamplingStepSize
  • - SamplingStrategy
For example,
Note: If you specify the host name, port number, user name, and password of the MongoDB server in the Additional Connection Properties, the values specified in the Additional Connection Properties takes precedence.
SSL Mode
SSL mode indicates the encryption type to use for the connection.
SSL is not applicable when you use the Hosted Agent. You can configure SSL when you use the Secure Agent or the serverless runtime environment.
Note: Set it to Required for connecting to MongoDB Atlas.
SSL Truststore Path
Not applicable for MongoDB Connector.
SSL Truststore Password
Not applicable for MongoDB Connector.
For more information about configuring the MongoDB JDBC connection parameters, see the Informatica How-To Library article, "Configuring the Simba MongoDB JDBC Driver Options for MongoDB Connector":