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Microsoft Access connection properties

When you set up a Microsoft Access connection, you must configure the connection properties.
The following table describes the connection properties:
Connection property
Runtime Environment
The name of the run-time environment where you want to run the tasks.
Data Source Name
System DSN name.
Code Page
The code page compatible with the Microsoft Access source. Select one of the following code pages:
  • - MS Windows Latin 1. Select for ISO 8859-1 Western European data.
  • - UTF-8. Select for Unicode and non-Unicode data.
  • - Shift-JIS. Select for double-byte character data.
  • - ISO 8859-15 Latin 9 (Western European).
  • - ISO 8859-2 Eastern European.
  • - ISO 8859-3 Southeast European.
  • - ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic.
  • - ISO 8859-9 Latin 5 (Turkish).
  • - IBM EBCDIC International Latin-1.