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Installing an add-on connector

You can install a free trial version of an Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services add-on connector, or you can buy the connector from Informatica. After you install an add-on connector, it becomes available as a connection type for the organization and all sub-organizations.
Note: If you want to install an add-on connector for use in a sub-organization, install the connector in the parent organization. You cannot install an add-on connector in a sub-organization.
    1. In Administrator, select Add-On Connectors.
    2. Perform either of the following steps:
After you install the connector, it is displayed on the Add-On Connectors page with the message, "Connector Available," and the connection type becomes available to your organization and sub-organizations. The connection type uses the naming convention <connector name> (<publisher name>), for example, "Teradata (Informatica Cloud)."