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Working with multiple objects

You can select multiple objects to check in, check out, pull, or unlink. If you select a project or folder to check in or check out, all of the objects within the project or folder are included.
The total size of the selected objects cannot exceed 50 MB.
When you include multiple objects in a source control action, a preview page appears that shows you the expected results of the action if you proceed. If an object listed on the preview page is not source controlled, it will be ignored. If an object is checked out by another user or you do not have permission to update the object, the status on the preview page shows that the action will fail. You can opt to remove any of the objects before you continue.
For example, you select multiple assets and the ArchivedRecords folder to check out. The preview page shows that if you complete the action, the checkout will be successful for each object. You decide to exclude the ArchivedRecords folder from the action so you clear its check box before you proceed. The following image shows the confirmation page:
The CheckIn/CheckOut preview page shows an ArchivedRecords folder and four assets. The assets are selected for check out. The folder is not selected. The Status column shows that the check out will be successful for each object.
If you select multiple objects for a pull, the preview page lists all of the versions in the repository.
Note: You can't delete or undo a checkout for multiple objects in one transaction.