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Using bundles

Use the assets in a bundle when the assets are designed to meet the same objectives as your project.
How you can include bundle assets in your project depends on the permissions that the bundle designer designates for the bundle. You can perform one of the following actions depending on which option the bundle designer allows:

Copying bundle assets

If a bundle allows the copy action, you can copy all of the assets in a bundle to a project or folder.
    1. On the Explore page, explore by projects and navigate to the Add-On Bundles folder.
    The Explore page is open and shows that the Add-On Bundles folder is listed under All Projects.
    2. Open the Add-On Bundles folder.
    3. In the row that contains the bundle, click Actions and select Copy Bundle Content To.
    4. Browse to the folder to contain the bundle assets and click Select.

Referencing bundle assets

Certain asset types allow you to select an asset to use in the asset. If a bundle allows the reference action, you can select the assets in the bundle to use in your asset.
In Data Integration, you can use bundle assets in mapping tasks, data tasks in a taskflow, and mappings with Mapplet transformations. For example, to create a Data Integration mapping task, you need to specify a mapping to use for the task. You can select a mapping that is in a bundle if the bundle allows the reference action.
    1. Click Select in the asset that you're working on, and then navigate to the Add-On Bundles folder.
    When you click Select, the Find box appears. The Find box displays the folders in the Explore page.
    2. Open the bundle folder that contains the asset you want to use.
    3. Click the row that contains the asset, and then click Select.