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Unlinking an object

You can unlink an object so that it's no longer source controlled. The object must be checked in before you can unlink it.
Unlinking an object doesn't delete the object from the source control repository or the organization, but you can no longer update the repository for any changes you make to the object in the organization. If you decide to link the object in the future, you can check in the object to reestablish the link. If the name of the object or the path to the object has not changed, the checked in object becomes a new version of the object in the source control repository.
You can't unlink a project or folder that contains source controlled objects. To unlink a project or folder, unlink each object within the project or folder first.
    1. On the Explore page, navigate to the object that you want to unlink.
    2. On the row that contains the object, click Actions and select Unlink.