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Undoing a checkout

When you undo a checkout, the object reverts to the last version in the source control repository. The object's version history will not include a record of the checkout and undo checkout actions.
You can undo the checkout of any object that you have checked out. You cannot undo the checkout of an object that has been checked out by another user unless you have the Admin role or your user role has the Force Undo Checkout feature privilege for the Administrator service.
An undo checkout is not recursive. If you undo the checkout of a project or folder, the lock for the project or folder is released but the objects within the project or folder remain locked.
    1. On the Explore page, navigate to the object.
    2. In the row that contains the object, click Actions and select Undo Check Out.
    The undo checkout releases the lock so that the object is available for checkout.
    Note: If an object was moved or renamed after it was checked out, undoing the checkout restores the object's name and location to its name and location before it was checked out.