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Source control actions

You can perform the following actions on source-controlled objects such as projects, folders, and assets:
Pull an object.
Pull an object to add it to the organization or update a project with the version in the source control repository.
Check out an object.
Check out an object that you want to work on. When you check out an object, the object locks so that other users cannot make changes to it.
Check in an object.
Check in an object to add it to the source control repository or update the source control repository with the latest version of the object. When you check in an object, the lock releases.
Delete an object.
Delete an object from the organization and the source control repository. Before you can delete an object, you must check it out.
Restore an object version.
Restore an object to a previous version.
Undo a checkout.
Undo a checkout if you don't want to save the changes you made to the object. When you undo a checkout, the object reverts to the last source control version.
Unlink an object.
Unlink an object if you no longer want the object in the organization to stay in sync with the object in the source control repository.
Note: Some organizations do not have permission to update the source control repository. If your organization cannot update the repository, you can perform a pull action to get a specified version of the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services objects. However, you cannot perform other source control actions such as checking out and checking in objects.
To check out, pull, unlink, or undo a checkout for an object, you must have update permissions on the object.