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A bundle is a set of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services assets that you can use to improve productivity and enhance the quality of your Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services projects. You can create a bundle and share it with others in your organization, or use the contents of a bundle that someone else created instead of creating assets that already exist.
For example, you use Data Integration to migrate data from SAP to Salesforce. You use assets that are included in a data migration bundle to save time. The bundle includes parameterized Data Integration mappings for data standardization, error record routing, and data conversion with lookups. You create mapping tasks from the bundle and customize the sources, targets, and other useful parameters to match your requirements. You run the tasks and complete the project with no need to create complex mappings or tasks.
A bundle can be one of the following types:
Before you can use a public or unlisted bundle, an administrator must install it so that it is available to your organization. You can find installed bundles in the Add-on Bundles project on the Explore page. For information on installing bundles, see Bundle Management in the Administrator help.
If your organization has the Publish Content license, you can create and publish bundles. You might want to create a bundle when you have created a set of assets that can be reused for a common purpose. By creating the bundle, you allow users in other organizations to use the assets for their projects.
Note: You cannot apply source control to bundles.