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Asset migration

You can migrate Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services assets from one organization to another organization. To migrate assets, you export the assets from the source organization and then import the assets into the target organization.
You can import and export the following types of assets:
You can export single assets, groups of assets, or export all of the assets in a project. If you export a project or folder, the file structure remains intact so that when you perform the import in the target organization, you can duplicate the original structure.
Before you migrate an asset from one organization to another, ensure that you meet the following requirements:
To export or import assets in a sub-organization, log in to the sub-organization. If you have administrator privileges in the parent organization, you can also switch to the sub-organization and export or import assets.
Note: To export or import data transfer tasks or dynamic mapping tasks in a sub-organization, you must log in to the sub-organization.