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Amazon S3 Sources in Synchronization Tasks

When you configure a synchronization task to use an Amazon S3 source, you can configure the source properties.
The source properties appear on the Source page of the Synchronization Task wizard when you specify an Amazon S3 connection. When you create a task with Amazon S3 as lookup, the lookup condition does not get applied.
The following table describes the Amazon S3 source properties:
Source Property
Connection Type
Name of the source connection.
Source Type
Select Single as the source type.
Source Object
Select the source object for the task.
Formatting Options
Amazon S3 format options. Opens the Formatting Options dialog box to define the format of the file. Default is delimited.
Configure the following format options:
  • - Delimiter: Delimiter character. You can configure other parameters such as comma, tab, colon, semicolon, or others.
  • - Text Qualifier: Character to qualify text. You can configure other parameters such as single quote or double quote.
  • - Escape: Escape character.
The following table describes the Amazon S3 advanced source properties:
Enable Downloading S3 File in Multiple Parts
Downloads large Amazon S3 objects in multiple parts.
The Secure Agent downloads the object in multiple parts from Amazon S3.
When the file size of an Amazon S3 object is greater than 5 MB, you can choose to download the object in multiple parts in parallel.
Header Line Number
Amazon S3 Connector does not honor this property.
Read Data From Line
Specify the line number from where you want the Secure Agent to read data.
Default is 1.
Note: To read data from the header, the value of the Header Line Number and the Read Data From Line fields should be the same.
Staging File Location
Amazon S3 staging directory.
When you run a task in Secure Agent runtime environment, specify a directory path that is available on the corresponding Secure Agent machine in the runtime environment.
When you specify the directory path, the Secure Agent create folders depending on the number of partitions that you specify in the following format: InfaS3Staging<00/11><timestamp>_<partition number> where, 00 represents read operation and 11 represents write operation.
For example, InfaS3Staging000703115851268912800_0
Note: The temporary files are created within the new directory.
When you specify a directory name, if a folder with same name already exists, the Secure Agent deletes the contents of the folder. You must have the write permission for the specified location.
If you do not specify a directory path, the Secure Agent uses a temporary directory as the staging file location.
When you run a task in Hosted Agent runtime environment, leave the staging directory location blank. The Hosted Agent creates a directory at a temporary location.
Part Size
Specifies the part size of an object. Default is 5 MB.
Tracing Level
Sets the amount of detail that appears in the log file.
You can choose terse, normal, verbose initialization or verbose data. Default is normal.