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Amazon S3 Connector Overview

You can use Amazon S3 Connector to connect Data Integration and Amazon S3. Use Amazon S3 Connector to read delimited files from and write delimited files to Amazon S3.
You can create an Amazon S3 connection and use the connection in synchronization tasks, mappings, and mapping tasks. Create a synchronization task to synchronize data between a source and target. Create a mapping task to process data based on the data flow logic defined in a mapping or integration template.
Amazon S3 is a cloud-based store that stores many objects in one or more buckets. You can also connect to Amazon S3 buckets available in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) through VPC endpoints.
Note: Informatica recommends that you use Amazon S3 V2 Connector for the following use cases:


You are a medical data analyst in a medical and pharmaceutical organization who maintains patient records. A patient record can contain patient details, doctor details, treatment history, and insurance from multiple data sources.
You use Amazon S3 Connector to collate and organize the patient details from multiple input sources in Amazon S3 buckets.