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Advanced Synchronization Task Options for Google BigQuery Targets

You can configure advanced task options for a Google BigQuery target on the Schedule page of the Synchronization Task wizard.
The following table describes the advanced task options that you can configure for a Google BigQuery target:
Advanced Option
Parameter File Name
Name of the file that contains the definitions and values of user-defined parameters used in the task.
Maximum Number of Log Files
Number of session log files, error log files, and import log files to retain.
By default, Data Integration stores each type of log file for 10 runs before it overwrites the log files for new runs.
Update Columns
Specifies the temporary primary key columns to update, upsert, or delete target data. If the Google BigQuery target does not include a primary key column, and the task performs an update, upsert, or delete task operation, click Add to add a temporary key.
You can select multiple columns. By default, no columns are specified.