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XML Source Connector Example

The XML document contains customer account details. The following shows an example of XML file:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Customer Id="CUST12001">
<name>Premkumar S</name>
<Account Account No="TAXACCNT23490796">
<Phone type="Work">
<Number>+91 (080) 78092132</Number>
<Phone type="Home">
<Number>+91 (080) 32153345</Number>
<Phone type="Mobile">
<Number>+91 9676531675 </Number>
<Address type="Work">
<Line1>Informatica Buss Soln.</Line1>
<Line2>Bagmane Tech Park</Line2>
<Address type="Home">
<Line1>DNo-17, Achan Street</Line1>
The XML Source Connector organizes the elements into tables and fields, and segregates unbound elements as separate tables.
The following table lists the tables and fields that XML Source Connector creates after parsing the XML file:
Table ID
Table Name
XML Path
Note: Any bound element to the former element becomes the child element of the former element. For example, PhoneNumbers is the child element of Accounts and Accounts is the child element of Customers.
Note: All simple and attribute elements are considered as fields. Complex elements are not considered as fields to the table.
The following image shows the tables on the Source tab:
The following image shows the relations between different tables:
The following image shows the sibling relation between tables: