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Workday source properties

When you use Workday Connector to read data from Workday, consider the following guidelines to configure the batch size, cache size, and count in mapping tasks:
Batch Size
Specify a batch size value close to the number of available cores in the Secure Agent. The number must be less than or equal to 20. You can consider a batch size of 8 and then refine as necessary. Default is 1.
If you specify a batch size value that is greater than 20, the value defaults to 20.
Cache Size
The cache size value depends on the Workday module and the response count size. Specify a value between 1024 and 99999. However, you might require to determine the optimum cache size by trial and error basis.
The count parameter in the request message sets the number of objects to return with each response. You can specify a minimum value of 1, while the maximum value is 999. Default is 100.
You might consider a count value of 200 and then refine as required. A count value of 500 might also work.
The count and batch size values work together for the number of concurrent calls or batches to Workday and the number of records or count returned. You might need to determine the optimum settings by trial and error.