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Workday midstream operations

You can use Workday Connector midstream in mapping tasks through a Web Services transformation to perform read or write operations in Workday.
When you use Workday Connector midstream, you create a business service, associate a Workday V2 connection, and the required Workday read or write operation for the business service. Configure the Web Services transformation in the Mapping Designer and associate the business service to it.
The Web Services transformation connects to the web service application as a web service client to access, transform, or deliver data. The Web Services transformation constructs a Workday request based on the source data you pass, sends the request to Workday, and gets a corresponding response from Workday before you write to the target. In the Web Services transformation, you select the elements that you want from the response structure to write to the configured target.
The web service client request and the web service response are SOAP messages. In Workday Connector, the SOAP request messages and response messages contain hierarchical data, such as data that follows an XML schema.
To create a request to Workday by using the Web Services transformation, perform the following steps:
  1. 1. Define a business service to add operations to the Web Services transformation in the Mapping Designer.
  2. 2. Configure a Web Services transformation midstream in a mapping to read or write data from Workday.

Configuring a request and response in a Web Services transformation

When you configure a mapping, you pass the input fields from the source to a Web Services transformation and the generated output fields to a target.
On the Request Mapping tab of the Web Service transformation, the request mapping shows the incoming fields from the source that you want to pass to Workday. Based on the operation specified in the business service, a SOAP request structure displays. You must map the incoming fields of the source to the elements of the request structure.