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Workday Connector overview

You can use Workday Connector to connect to Workday from Data Integration. You can read data from or write data to Workday.
Workday is an on-demand Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Application that includes financial management and human capital management applications. Workday exposes the web service API, which the Secure Agent uses to perform integration tasks through the SOAP protocol.
You can use Workday Connector in a Source transformation, Target transformation, or midstream in a Web Services transformation to connect to Workday from Data Integration and interact with the Workday service to perform operations on non-relational hierarchical data.
When you use Workday Connector midstream in a mapping, you first create a business service for the operation that you want to perform in Workday. You then associate the business service in a Web Services transformation midstream in a mapping to read from or write data to Workday.
With Workday V2 connection, you can access all the services and operations supported for the SOAP-based web service version in Workday. When you perform an operation from Data Integration, you can convert the hierarchical data structure for data retrieved from Workday to a relational format before you write to relational tables. You can also convert the relational format to hierarchical format before you write data from relational sources to Workday.


You are a human resources administrator and you want to archive the details of employees who left the organization in the past month. You can find the employee in Workday based on the employee ID, retrieve worker data through the Get_Workers operation, and then write the details to an Oracle database target. With Workday Connector, you retrieve the worker data in an XML structure and then define a corresponding relational structure to write to the relational target.