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Approaches to write data from Salesforce to Workday

You want to migrate the opportunity data with closed won status from Salesforce to Workday. This use case is an example of the different approaches you can take with Data Integration to write data from Salesforce to Workday.
The opportunity object manages information about the sale of products. The opportunity object might have associated opportunity lines required to create an invoice. The opportunity line, also called the product line, is the encapsulating element that contains the opportunity line data and identifies products associated with an opportunity.
When inserting data into Workday, some of the data requires an associated ID and value linked to it.
To write the opportunity data of closed won status to Workday, you must add the following IDs to map with the Workday target:
Use the Put_Opportunity operation to add the opportunity data to the Revenue Management module in Workday.
When you configure Workday as the target, you have two general approaches to write the opportunity data to Workday: