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UltiPro Connector Overview

You can use UltiPro Connector to securely read data from UltiPro and Time Management. Use Data Integration to migrate data that you read from UtilPro to other applications.
You can use the UltiPro connection in synchronization tasks, mappings, and mapping tasks. In a mapping, you can configure a Lookup transformation to represent an UltiPro object.
When you run a task, the agent uses the following APIs to access data based on the application module you specify in the UltiPro connection:
Employee Self-Service
Reads human resources, payroll, talent, and benefits data from UltiPro.
UTM Odata Services
Reads data from Time Management.
Reads data specific to supported UltiPro events, such as the date and time events and the unique keys of the records associated with events.