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Troubleshooting with UltiPro

The solution to the following situations might help you troubleshoot common issues associated with UltiPro Connector:
Unable to install the Secure Agent.
You can install the Secure Agent in an accessible location within your network. Verify whether you have the access permissions for the computer or server where you want to install the agent.
A proxy setting error appears when you test the connection.
Verify the proxy settings in your network. You must enter the IP address on your proxy server for the Secure Agent. If the stated solution fails, you can contact your IT staff to solve outbound request issues.
Java Heap Error or Out of Memory Exception occurs when you run a task.
Verify the health and environment of the Secure Agent. The Secure Agent must be running.
Unable to view data from UltiPro.
You can perform the following actions to view data from UltiPro:
Test connection fails when you connect to UltiPro.
When you use the HR, Payroll, Talent, and Benefits application module, you must verify the access permissions to the Employee Self-Service API.