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Generating Twitter OAuth Settings Details

When you create a Twitter connection in Data Integration, you need to enter OAuth credentials. Perform the following steps to obtain OAuth credentials from Twitter:
    1. Go to page using a supported browser.
    2. Log in to Twitter using your login credentials.
    The Twitter Developers home page appears.
    3. Click on the user icon as shown in the following figure:
    4. Select My applications.
    My applications page appears.
    5. From the list of available applications, select the application for which you want to create a connection in Data Integration.
    Note: To create a new application in Twitter, see Creating a New Application in Twitter.
    The page that contains the OAuth settings appears.
    You get the Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token, and Access token secret from the OAuth settings page.
    6. If the tokens are not generated, click Recreate my access token to generate tokens.
    Note: To edit access level, click Settings in the application home page.

Access Level

The access level set in your application determines the synchronization task operation you can setup. You can use the following access levels in your Twitter application:
Access Level
You can perform read only operation with Twitter Connector.
Read and Write
You can perform both read and write operations with Twitter Connector.
Read, Write and Access direct messages
You can perform read, write, and message access operations with Twitter Connector.

Creating a New Application in Twitter

    1. Go to Twitter Developers home page.
    2. Click on the user icon.
    3. Select My Applications.
    My Applications page appears.
    4. Click Create a new application.
    Create an application page appears.
    5. Enter the required details.
    6. Click Create your Twitter application.