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Data Filters

You can use data filters to fetch specific data of a particular object. The synchronization tasks process the data based on the filter field assigned to the object.
Note: Twitter Connector does not support advanced data filters.
Perform the following steps to use data filters:
    1. In the synchronization task, select the Data Filters tab.
    The Data Filters tab appears.
    2. Click New.
    The Data Filter dialog box appears.
    3. Specify the following details:
    Select object. For example, you can select Tweets.
    Filter By
    Select the filter field. For example, select ThisExactPhrase.
    Note: The filter field is mandatory for reading tweets. If you do not want to use filters, you must select TweetSearchString.
    Select the corresponding operator. For example, select Equal.
    Filter Value
    Enter the filter value. For example, enter Salesforce
    For supported filter fields, see Filters and Operators.
    4. Click OK.
    When you run the task, it fetches all tweets containing the phrase Salesforce.