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Troubleshooting a SuccessFactors ODATA Connection

The solution to the following situation might help you troubleshoot SuccessFactors ODATA connections:
I failed to authenticate to the SuccessFactors instance.
SuccessFactors does not allow unauthorized IPs to access the SuccessFactors instance. When you use mappings, synchronization tasks, or mapping tasks to access SuccessFactors instance through SuccessFactors APIs, the following error might appear:
FAILED_AUTHENTICATION</errorCode><errorMessage>Authentication failed. Attempted login from unauthorized ip:
to company id: xxxx by username: user(status code = 8)
Perform the following steps to authorize an IP address:
    1. Log in to SuccessFactors.
    2. Go to Admin Center > Company Settings > Password & Login Policy Settings.
    The following image shows the Admin Center page:
    The Password & Login Policy Settings: Applied to All Employees page appears.
    3. Select Set API login exceptions... and click Add.
    The Create New User Security Setting dialog box appears.
    4. Enter a username with sfapi permissions, maximum password age, and IP address restrictions.
    Add the IP from the error message in IP address restrictions field.
    5. Click Save & Close.