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SuccessFactors Mapping Task Example

You work in the human resource management team of a manufacturing organization and you need to export all SuccessFactors Background_Awards activities. You want to review the Background_Awards activities in an analytics tool. Create a mapping task to use the insert operation. You use the following objects in the SuccessFactors mapping:
Source Object
The source object for a mapping task is a SuccessFactors Background_Awards. Use the SuccessFactors connection to connect to SuccessFactors and read data from SuccessFactors. The Background_Awards object is a single source in the mapping task.
Target Object
Use the .csv file as the target object in the mapping task. The target in a mapping task is a flat file. The target includes the backgroundElementId, bgOrderPos, description, institution, issuedate, lastModifiedDate, name, and userId fields.
Map the fields of the SuccessFactors Background_Awards source to the flat file target.
The following image shows the SuccessFactors mapping:
When you run the mapping, the agent writes the Background_Awards activities to the flat file.
The following image shows the Background_Awards activities that the agent writes based on the fields you mapped in the mapping task: