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Introduction to SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human capital management software that organizations use to manage essential services related to human resource management.
You can use recruiting services of SuccessFactors to hire best talents. You can use SuccessFactors to manage the on-boarding process of new hires, track performance and goals of the employees, and manage employee compensation details. You can use the learning management services provided by SuccessFactors to improve the skills and productivity of your employees, reduce compliance risks, and cater to the needs of external audiences. The succession and development services help you to increase organizational strength by identifying and recognizing potential talents in your company. You can increase communication and collaboration between individuals and teams in your company by using the social networking services provided by SuccessFactors.
SuccessFactors tables are called entities or SFObjects. SuccessFactors integrates with external systems through SuccessFactors SOAP API (SFAPI), Open Data Protocol (OData) API, Employee Central Compound (ECC) API, or file based communication.
You can choose one of the following deployment models of SuccessFactors: