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SuccessFactors LMS Sources in Mappings

To read data from SuccessFactors LMS, configure a SuccessFactors LMS object as the Source transformation in a mapping.
Specify the name and description of the SuccessFactors LMS source. Configure the properties for the source object.
The following table describes the source properties that you can configure for a SuccessFactors LMS source:
Name of the active SuccessFactors LMS source connection.
Source Type
Type of the SuccessFactors LMS source objects available.
You can read data from a single SuccessFactors LMS source object. You cannot read data from multiple objects or parameterize the object.
Name of the SuccessFactors LMS source object based on the source type selected.
Configure a simple filter or an advanced filter to remove rows at the source. You can improve efficiency by filtering early in the data flow.
A simple filter includes a field name, operator, and value. Use an advanced filter to define a more complex filter condition, which can include multiple conditions using the AND or OR logical operators.