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JVM memory requirements for read operations

You must specify the Java heap space memory as -Xmx256m in the Secure Agent properties to avoid the following failure in mappings and mapping tasks that read data from Snowflake:
Error - [FATAL] The Secure Agent failed to read data from the source because of the following error: JDBC driver internal error: exception creating result.
This update does not apply for mappings configured with pushdown optimization using the Snowflake ODBC connection.
If you already configured a heap size value that is higher than 256 MB in the JVM options for the Secure Agent, do not change it.
Perform the following steps to configure the JVM memory:
  1. 1. In Administrator, select the Secure Agent listed on the Runtime Environments tab.
  2. 2. Click Edit.
  3. 3. In the System Configuration Details section, select Data Integration Service as the service and DTM as the type.
  4. 4. Edit the JVMOption1 property, and enter -Xmx256m.
  5. 5. Click Save.