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Synchronization example

You want to integrate incident records from ServiceNow to Salesforce. Configure a synchronization task to read incident records from the ServiceNow account and insert them to Salesforce.
Perform the following steps to configure a synchronization task in Data Integration:
    1. In Data Integration, click New > Tasks > Synchronization Task, and then click Create.
    The following image shows the Definition tab:
    2. Specify the task name and provide a description for the task.
    3. Select the Insert task operation.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Select the ServiceNow Source Connection, single Source Type, and incident Source Object that you want to use in the task.
    The following image shows the configured source details:
    6. Click Next.
    The Target tab appears.
    7. Select the Salesforce connection and Case Target Object for the task.
    The following image shows the configured target details:
    8. Click Next.
    On the Data Filters tab, Process All Rows are chosen, by default.
    The following image shows the Data Filters tab:
    9. Click Next.
    10. On the Field Mapping tab, map the Incident source fields to the Case target fields.
    The following image shows the Field Mapping tab:
    11. To configure a lookup expression to lookup the Contact ID from the Incident record, click Add or Edit Lookup next to the Contact ID field.
    You can add multiple lookup conditions to look up a field in a record.
    The following image shows the Field Mapping tab, where you can configure a lookup:
    12. To create a lookup, provide the lookup connection and the source and target fields for the lookup object, and click OK.
    The following image shows the configured lookup details:
    13. Click Next.
    The Schedule tab appears where you can schedule the task accordingly to the requirement and then save.
    14. To run the task, on the Explore page, navigate to the task, click Actions and select Run.
    In Monitor, you can monitor the status of the task.