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ServiceNow targets in mappings

When you configure a mapping, you can use ServiceNow Connector as a target connection to write data to ServiceNow account. The target properties appear on the Target tab when you specify a ServiceNow connection.
The following table describes the ServiceNow target properties:
Source Property
Connection Type
Name of the target connection.
Target Type
Select Single Object as the target type.
Target Object
Select the target object for the task.
Task Operation
Select the target operation. You can perform insert, update, upsert, delete, and data driven operations with ServiceNow Connector.
You can use the following ServiceNow objects as a target in a mapping:
The following table describes the advanced ServiceNow target properties:
Target Property
Insert Batch Size
The maximum number of records that the Secure Agent writes in a batch to ServiceNow.
Note: You can specify a maximum batch size of up to 10,000 records. If you specify a batch size beyond 10,000 records, data loss is encountered.

Upsert operation in ServiceNow target

When you configure an upsert operation to update data in a ServiceNow target, the Secure Agent updates or inserts the data based on the availability of the SYS_ID value in the target record.
If the SYS_ID value in the record of the input data matches the SYS_ID in the target, the Secure Agent updates that record in the ServiceNow target.
When the SYS_ID value is not available in the ServiceNow target, the Secure Agent inserts that record to the ServiceNow target.
If the SYS_ID in the target does not match with the SYS_ID from the input data, the rejected records are captured in the error file. See the Job properties for the task to view the error rows file.