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Configuring proxy server settings

If your organization uses a proxy server to access the internet, you can configure the proxy server settings for the Secure Agent to connect to ServiceNow.
You must provide the proxy server details either in the proxy.ini file or in the Secure Agent Manager.
Consider the following rules when you configure a proxy server:

Enable proxy server through the proxy.ini file

You can set the proxy server details for the Secure Agent in the proxy.ini file.
    1. Navigate to the following directory on the Secure Agent machine: <Secure Agent installation directory>\Informatica Cloud Secure Agent\apps\agentcore\conf\proxy.ini
    2. Add the host and port number of the proxy server in the proxy.ini file:
    InfaAgent.ProxyHost=<Proxy server hostname>
    InfaAgent.ProxyPort=<Proxy server port number>
    3. Restart the Secure Agent.
    The proxy details appear on the Secure Agent Manager proxy server settings page.

Enable proxy server through the Secure Agent Manager

You can set the proxy server details for the Secure Agent in the Secure Agent Manager.
    1. Click Start > All Program > Informatica Cloud Secure Agent > Informatica Cloud Secure Agent.
    You can also click the Data Integration icon in the Windows taskbar notification area to open the Secure Agent Manager.
    The Secure Agent Manager displays the Secure Agent status.
    2. Click Proxy in the Secure Agent Manager page.
    3. Click Use a Proxy Server to enter the proxy server settings.
    4. Configure the following proxy server details:
    Proxy Host
    Required. Host name of the outgoing proxy server that the Secure Agent uses.
    Proxy Port
    Required. Port number of the outgoing proxy server.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Restart the Secure Agent to apply the settings.