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Load Types

When you use SAS Connector, you can write data by using full, append, or update else insert load type.
You can write data to a SAS target by using one of the following load types:
By default, SAS Connector uses full load when writing to a SAS data set. When you use full load, a SAS data set is created from the output, which overrides any existing data set. All attributes defined for the target definition is applied to the SAS data set, including indexes and (in)formats.
When you configure an append load, the service appends the mapping output to an existing SAS data set. If the layout of the target definition and the existing SAS data set do not match, an error occurs in the SAS processing. You can view the error in the log file.
Update Else Insert
To update row values by an identifying key, choose the Update Else Insert Load. You must define a proper key for the existing SAS dataset where you want to write the data.