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SAP connections overview

Use an SAP connection to read from and write data to SAP systems.
Data Integration supports ABAP, IDocs, BAPI/RFC functions, and streaming to integrate with SAP systems. You can choose one of seven SAP connection types to connect to SAP systems based on the interface requirements.
The following table describes the different SAP connections:
SAP Connection Type
Use the connection to ...
SAP Connector
Read data from SAP and write to any target.
You can also write data from any source to custom tables in SAP. Contact Global Customer Support for information about using the SAP Table connection to write data to SAP systems.
SAP RFC/BAPI Interface
Read and write data by using BAPI/RFC functions.
IDoc Reader
Read Intermediate Documents (IDocs) from SAP systems.
IDoc Writer
Write IDocs to SAP systems.
SAP BW Reader
Read data from SAP BW objects such as InfoCubes, InfoSets, MultiProviders, and DataStore objects.
Write data to SAP ADSO objects in BW4/HANA.
SAP ODP Extractor
Read data from SAP ODP objects from S/4HANA.