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SAP Table sources in synchronization tasks

When you configure a synchronization task to use an SAP Table source, you can configure the source properties.
The source properties appear on the Source page of the Synchronization Task wizard when you specify an SAP Table connection.
The following table describes the SAP Table source properties:
Name of the source connection.
Source Type
Source type. Select one of the following types:
  • - Single. Select to specify a single SAP Table object.
  • - Multiple. Select to specify multiple SAP Table objects. When you specify multiple source objects, you must create relationships between the source objects.
Source Object
Source object for the task.
Adds multiple source objects.
Create Relationship
Creates relationship between selected source object and related source object. Specify a join condition between a source object key field and a related source object key field.
Edit Relationship
Edits a join condition.
Display technical field names instead of labels
When selected, displays technical names instead of business names of the fields in the specified source object.
Display source fields in alphabetical order
When selected, displays source fields in alphabetic order. By default, fields appear in the order returned by the source system.
Data Preview
Displays the first 10 rows of the first five columns in the object and the total number of columns in the object.
Preview All Columns
Previews all source columns in a file.
You can also configure advanced source properties when you schedule the synchronization task. Advanced source properties appear on the Schedule page of the Synchronization Task wizard.
The following table describes the SAP Table advanced source properties:
Number of rows to be fetched
The number of rows that are randomly retrieved from the SAP Table. Default value of zero retrieves all the rows in the table.
Number of rows to be skipped
The number of rows to be skipped.
Packet size in MB
Packet size. Default is 10 MB.
Enable Compression
Enables compression.
If the Secure Agent and the SAP System are not located in the same network, you may want to enable the compression option to optimize performance.