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SAP Table connections

SAP Table connections enable you to access data directly from SAP tables. You can use the SAP Table connection type in synchronization tasks, mappings, and mapping tasks.
You can use the SAP Table connection type to read data from transparent tables, cluster tables, pool tables, or views. You can also use the SAP Table connection type to write data to custom transparent tables.
To enable the Secure Agent to connect to SAP through HTTPS, you must enable HTTPS and specify the keystore details when you configure an SAP Table connection. To read SAP table sources through HTTPS, specify an SAP Table connection configured for HTTPS when you create synchronization tasks, mappings, or mapping tasks.

SAP Table connection properties

To process SAP table data, select the SAP Table Connector connection type and configure the connection properties.
The following table describes the SAP Table connection properties:
Connection property
Runtime Environment
Required. Runtime environment that contains the Secure Agent that you want to use to access SAP tables.
Required. SAP user name with the appropriate user authorization.
Required. SAP password.
Required. SAP client number.
Language code that corresponds to the SAP language.
Saprfc.ini Path
Required. Local directory to the sapnwrfc.ini file.
To write to SAP tables, use the following directory:
<Informatica Secure Agent installation directory>/main/bin/rdtm
Required. DEST entry that you specified in the sapnwrfc.ini file for the SAP application server.
Destination is case sensitive.
Note: Use all uppercase letters for the destination.
Port Range
HTTP port range. The SAP Table connection uses the specified port numbers to connect to SAP tables using the HTTP protocol. Ensure that you specify valid numbers to prevent connection errors. Default: 10000-65535.
Enter a range in the default range, for example, 10000-20000. When a range is outside the default range, the connection uses the default range.
Test Streaming
Tests the connection. When selected, tests the connection using both RFC and HTTP protocol. When not selected, tests connection using HTTP protocol.
Https Connection
When selected, connects to SAP through HTTPS protocol. To successfully connect to SAP through HTTPS, verify that an administrator has configured the machines that host the Secure Agent and the SAP system.
Keystore Location
The absolute path to the JKS keystore file.
Keystore Password
The destination password specified for the .JKS file.
Private Key Password
The export password specified for the .P12 file.

SAP connection rules and guidelines

The following SAP data types are not applicable for the SAP table writer at this time:
Tasks that include these data types for the SAP table writer might fail.