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SAP ODP sources

You can connect to SAP ODPs using SAP ODP Extractor Connector.
Use SAP ODP Extractor Connector to connect to ODPs available in the following contexts or providers:
Source SAP System and ODPs
SAP Service Application Programming Interface (S-API)
SAP Data Sources/Extractors without Enterprise Search (ESH)
SAP HANA Information View
SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
ABAP Core Data Services
SAP ODP Extractor Connector identifies the different contexts available based on the SAP system that you want to use. Identified contexts appear as packages in the Select Object dialog box. You can select any of the packages to get the list of the available activated ODPs for that context. You can filter by the ODP name when you connect to the SAP system.
Data Integration imports the following SAP ODP information: