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SAP BW sources in mappings

To read data from an SAP BW source, configure an SAP BW object as the Source transformation in a mapping.
Specify the name and description of the SAP BW source. Configure the source and advanced properties for the source object.
The following table describes the SAP BW source properties that you can configure in a Source transformation:
SAP BW Reader connection that you want to use to read data.
Source Type
Source type. Select one of the following types:
  • - Single. Select to specify a single SAP BW object.
  • - Parameter. Select to specify a parameter name. You can configure the source object in a mapping task associated with a mapping that uses this source transformation.
SAP BW source object from which you want to read data.
The following table describes the SAP BW advanced source properties:
Packet Size in MB
Size of the HTTP packet that SAP sends to the Secure Agent. The unit is MB.
Default is 10 MB.
Package Size in ABAP in Rows
Number of rows that are read and buffered in SAP at a time.
Default is 1000 rows.
Enable Compression
When selected, the ABAP program compresses the data in the gzip format before it sends the data to the Secure Agent.
If the Secure Agent and the SAP system are not on the same network, you might want to enable the compression option to optimize performance.
Default is not selected.
Tracing Level
Amount of detail that appears in the log file. You can select one of the following options:
  • - Terse
  • - Normal
  • - Verbose Initialization
  • - Verbose Data
Default is normal.