SAP Connector > Part VI: Data Integration Using IDocs > Mapping and mapping tasks using IDocs > Importing an IDoc mapplet to Data Integration

Importing an IDoc mapplet to Data Integration

    1. To create a mapplet, click Data Integration > New > Mapplets > Mapplet - PC Import and then click Create.
    To edit a mapplet, on the Explore page, navigate to the mapplet. In the row that contains the mapplet, click Actions and select Edit.
    2. Enter an unique name for the IDoc mapplet.
    3. Optionally, enter a description for the IDoc mapplet you want to import.
    4. Select the mapplet type as Active.
    All IDoc mapplets are active.
    5. Click Upload to navigate to the XML file you generated using the SAP Metadata utility.
    The Upload Metadata XML File dialog box appears.
    6. Click Choose File.
    By default, you can view the generated IDoc mapplets as XML files in the <SAP Metadata Utility installation directory>/generatedMappings directory.
    7. Select an XML file and click Open.
    You can view the XML file details of the IDoc mapplet.
    8. Click OK.
    You can view the imported mapplet in the Mapplets page.