SAP Connector > Part V: Data Integration using BAPI/RFC functions > Mapping and mapping tasks using BAPI/RFC functions > Generating a BAPI/RFC mapplet

Generating a BAPI/RFC mapplet

You can generate a BAPI/RFC mapplet in Data Integration and use the mapplet in a mapping.
Perform the following steps to generate a BAPI/RFC mapplet:
    1. To create a mapplet, click Data Integration > New > Mapplets > Mapplet - SAP and then click Create.
    To edit a mapplet, on the Explore page, navigate to the mapplet. In the row that contains the mapplet, click Actions and select Edit.
    2. Enter a unique name for the BAPI/RFC mapplet.
    3. Optionally, enter a description for the BAPI/RFC mapplet that you want to generate.
    4. Select the transformation type as BAPI.
    5. Select the BAPI/RFC connection that you want to use.
    6. Select the scope of the transformation.
    For real-time processing, select the transformation scope as Transaction. For batch processing and validation in a non-production environment, select the transformation scope as All Input.
    7. Enter the name of the BAPI/RFC function.
    You can also search for a BAPI/RFC function by entering % as a wildcard character along with the search string. For example, to search for all BAPI/RFC functions whose names start with the term Customer, enter the search string as Customer%. To search for all BAPI/RFC functions whose names end with the term Customer, enter the search string as %Customer.
    8. Click Get Objects.
    The Select Source Object dialog box appears displaying the search results. You can drill down the search results further by entering a search string in the Select Source Object dialog box.
    9. Click the required BAPI/RFC function name and click Select.
    The import, export, and table parameter details of the BAPI/RFC function appear.
    10. Specify the direction for the tables to indicate if the table parameters in the BAPI are input, ouput, or both.
    11. Click Save.
    The mapplet for the specified BAPI/RFC function is created. You can create a mapping for the generated mapplet.