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Delta extraction for SAP ODP Extractor mappings

You can use the SAP ODP Extractor to extract delta data from ODPs that are enabled for delta. SAP maintains Operation Data Queue (ODQ) for delta-enabled ODPs. For contexts such as HANA and ABAP CDS views, SAP does not maintain ODQ at the source and therefore you cannot extract delta data from the ODPs of these contexts.
When you configure a mapping, use the following sequence to extract data from ODPs:
  1. 1. Run the mapping using Full as the data fetch mode to extract all the records of the ODP to create the initial setup.
  2. 2. Run the job in Delta Only mode to initialize ODQ for the selected ODP for your subscriber in the SAP system. SAP starts tracking for any changes of data in ODQ.
  3. 3. Alternatively, combine operations 1 and 2 to run the job in the Delta Plus data fetch mode. Using this option, you can extract all the records from the ODP and initialize ODQ for the ODPs from your defined subscriber.
  4. 4. Subsequently, you can run the mapping with either Delta Only or Delta Plus mode to extract delta data for the selected SAP system.
  5. 5. At any time, if you want to extract the last delta data, run the mapping in the Repetitive data fetch mode.