SAP Connector > Part III: Connections > SAP connections > Creating an SAP IDoc Reader connection

Creating an SAP IDoc Reader connection

    1. Click Administrator > Connections, and then click New Connection to create a connection.
    The New Connection page appears.
    2. Enter a name for the SAP IDoc Reader connection.
    Connection names can contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, and the following special characters: _ . + -
    Connection names are not case sensitive.
    3. Enter a description for the connection.
    The description can have a maximum length of 255 characters.
    4. Select SAP as the connection type.
    The SAP Connection Properties section appears.
    5. Select the name of the runtime environment where you want to run the tasks.
    6. Select iDoc Reader as the SAP connection type.
    The iDoc Reader Connection Properties section appears.
    7. Enter the destination entry that you specified in the sapnwrfc.ini file for the RFC server program registered at an SAP gateway.
    The Program ID for this destination entry must be the same as the Program ID for the logical system you defined in SAP to receive IDocs.
    8. Select UTF-8 as the code page compatible with the SAP source.
    9. Click Test Connection to test the connection.
    10. Click Save to save the connection.