SAP Connector > Part VIII: Data Integration using SAP ODP Extractor > Mappings and mapping tasks with SAP ODP Extractor > Creating a mapping task

Creating a mapping task

You can create a mapping task based on a valid mapping or integration template on the Mappings page.
    1. To create a mapping task, click Data Integration > New > Tasks.
    2. Enter a name for the task.
    Task names must be unique within the organization. Task names can contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, and the following special characters:_ . + -Task names are not case sensitive.
    3. Select the runtime environment that contains the Secure Agent that you want to use to access the SAP ODP Extractor connection.
    4. Select Mapping as the task based on which you want to create the mapping task.
    5. Click Select to specify a mapping.
    The Select a Mapping dialog box appears.
    6. Select a mapping or search for the required mapping and select OK.
    The image of the selected mapping appears.
    7. Click Next.
    If you specified any parameters in the source or target details in the mapping, the Source or Target page appears. If not, the Schedule page appears.
    8. Click Next to configure a schedule and advanced options. Perform any of the following steps based on your requirements.
    1. a. Click Run this task on schedule and specify the schedule you want to use.
    2. b. Configure the email notification options.
    3. c. Configure advanced options for the task.
    4. d. Configure the advanced source properties and advanced target properties.
    5. e. Specify the execution mode.
    9. Optionally, add the advanced session properties.
    1. a. Click Add.
    2. b. Select a session property.
    3. c. Configure the value of the session property.
    10. Save and run the mapping task.