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PostgreSQL Connector overview

PostgreSQL is a relational database management system. You can use PostgreSQL Connector to securely read data from or write data to PostgreSQL and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL databases.
PostgreSQL sources and targets represent tables in PostgreSQL. You can create an PostgreSQL connection and use the connection in mappings and mapping tasks to read from or write data to PostgreSQL. Create a mapping task to process data based on the data flow logic defined in a mapping or integration template.
When you run an PostgreSQL mapping or mapping task, the Secure Agent writes data to PostgreSQL based on the defined data logic and the configured PostgreSQL connection.
You work for an organization that stores purchase order details, such as customer ID, item codes, and item quantity in a MySQL database. You need to analyze purchase order details and move data from the MySQL database to a cloud-based environment. Create a mapping to read all the purchase records from the MySQL database and write them to an PostgreSQL target for data analysis.