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Create an ODBC connection

You must create an ODBC connection to connect to PostgreSQL after you configure the ODBC connection.
Perform the following steps to create a PostgreSQL ODBC connection on the Connections page:
    1. In Administrator, click Connections.
    The Connections page appears.
    2. Click New Connection.
    The New Connection page appears.
    3. Configure the following connection details in the Connection Details section:
    Connection Name
    Name of the ODBC connection. For example, psql_odbc.
    Description of the connection.
    Type of the connection.
    Select the type of the connection as ODBC.
    4. Configure the following connection details in the ODBC Connection Properties section:
    Runtime Environment
    Runtime environment that contains the Secure Agent you can use to access the system.
    User Name
    Username to log in to the PostgreSQL database.
    Password to log in to the PostgreSQL database.
    Data Source Name
    Enter the name of the ODBC data source name that you created for the PostgreSQL database.
    Name of the PostgreSQL schema.
    Code Page
    The code page of the database server or flat file defined in the connection.
    ODBC Subtype
    Enter the value of the ODBC Subtype field as PostgreSQL.
    Driver Manager for Linux
    The driver that the PostgreSQL ODBC driver manager sends database calls to.
The PostgreSQL ODBC connection is created successfully.