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ODBC mapping example

You work in the human resource management team of a manufacturing organization and you need to migrate employee data from DB2 to Informix database. Create a mapping task to use the insert operation. You use the following objects in the ODBC mapping:
Source Object
The source object for the mapping task is Employee. Use the ODBC connection to connect to DB2 database and read data from the DB2 Employee object. Use the Employee object as a single source in the mapping task.
Target Object
The target for the mapping task is an Informix table. The target includes the EMPID, EMPNAME, AGE, DOB, DEPTID_EMP, LOCATION, DESIGNATION, and SALARY fields.
Map the fields of the Employee source to the Informix target.
The following image shows the ODBC mapping:
The following image shows the mapped fields of the DB2 source with the Informix target object:
When you run the mapping, the agent writes the Employee details to the Informix table.
The following image shows the Employee details that the agent writes based on the fields you mapped in the mapping task: