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Cross-schema pushdown optimization

You can enable cross-schema pushdown optimization for tasks that use source or target objects associated with different schemas within the same database. The Source and Target transformations must use two separate ODBC connections to run cross-schema pushdown optimization.
The DSN entry in the ODBC connection of the source, target, or lookup object must be the same. You can override the schema in the connection.
You can configure cross-schema pushdown optimization for the following databases when you use the ODBC connection:
To configure cross-schema pushdown optimization in a mapping configuration task, perform the following tasks:
  1. 1. In the Pushdown Optimization section, on the Schedule tab, select the type of pushdown optimization.
  2. 2. In the Advanced Session Properties section, select the Enable cross-schema pushdown optimization check box.
  3. The following image shows the configured Enable cross-schema pushdown optimization property in the advanced session properties of the mapping:
    You can configure cross-schema pushdown optimization.
For more information about configuring cross-schema pushdown optimization to read from or write data to objects associated with different schemas within the same database and for examples, see the help for the relevant connector.