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Cross-database pushdown optimization

You can use an ODBC connection in a Snowflake mapping to enable cross-database pushdown optimization to run queries on data spread across multiple databases.
You can configure cross-database pushdown optimization in the mapping task. You must ensure that the source and target transformations in the mapping must use two different ODBC connections that point to different database DSN entries.
You can configure cross-database pushdown optimization for the following database when you use the ODBC connection:
To configure cross-database pushdown optimization in a mapping configuration task, perform the following tasks:
  1. 1. On the Schedule tab of the mapping configuration task, navigate to the Advanced Session Properties section.
  2. 2. Click Add to add a new session property.
  3. 3. From the Session Property Name list, select Allow Pushdown across Databases and set the Session Property Value to Yes.
  4. The following image shows the cross-database pushdown optimization configuration:
    You can configure Cross-database pushdown optimization.
For more information about configuring cross-database pushdown optimization to read from or write data to objects associated with different schemas within the same database and for examples, see the help for the relevant connector.